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Newspaper Spread

This newspaper spread was the result of another project in my editing and design for print media class. The idea was to create a newspaper that would attract readers at MBU. I wanted to keep as much white space as possible, while still keeping the feel of a newspaper. The clean lines and serif fonts give it a modern feel fit for a Spartan. I filled it with my personal writing and photography (save for the main header image).



Magazine Spread-Design

These spreads were the end product for a project in my editing and design for print media class. The assignment was to create magazine spreads for different demographics ranging from young teenagers to middle age adults. I love using white space to enhance the design. It makes me really think about the media I want to use in the design. It needs to be clean, professional and directly related to what the article is about. My goal with these designs was to keep in mind my personal taste as a 23-year-old, and apply it to all demographics, hopefully resulting in aesthetically appealing products. The designs include some of my personal writing but also filler text used for time-saving purposes.






Stylish Spartans-Design

I created this design to accompany a larger scale piece I wrote about the top 10 most stylish students at MBU. During this lengthy project, I interviewed and took pictures of each student and then combined all my information and media into one multimedia story. For this design, I applied a gradient to the backdrop so each picture would stand out. I then, resized each photo to uniform dimensions and placed them on the gradient in the most appealing way.



I designed this for a story written about end of the semester stress. The original photo was not taken by me. In Photoshop, I took the photo, replicated it into six smaller versions and then applied a different effect to each photo. The idea was to make it an unsettling rendition of the original.